What We Do

MoHF will work closely with different stakeholders, most importantly the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Many LGBTI youngsters are afraid to visit health centers due to discrimination, verbal abuse and lack of confidentiality.

An environment that permits free disclosure while maintaining confidentiality is imperative especially with the ongoing national fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the need to reach, teach and treat everyone. Additionally the new government strategy advocating behavioral change can increase its impact with the recognition of the existence of the LGBTI community and messages fashioned directly at them. It is imperative that the importance of social workers is also not overlooked as counseling is equally essential.

Collaborations with the police force and Ministry of Justice are also essential to ensure fair treatment when issues of rape and other forms of assault are reported by members of the LGBTI community because presently many are afraid to even report due to the discrimination and verbal abuse they surfer at the hands of our law enforcement agents.

Through assistance from supporters, NGO’s and other organizations, MoHF intents on establishing a helpline for the LGBTI community and friends with the support of trained counselors. A safe house is also essential for youths in transition as some get kicked out of their homes following disclosure, or run away due to abuse. Advocacy strategies are being put into place; these will involve media outreach, community level outreach, workshops and conference for stakeholders, supporters and counselors. We will also implement small scale projects for the development and empowerment of our most vulnerable members, youth of between the ages of 14 and 25 and for the sustainability of the organization and its programs.

Our daily work consists of different factors such as organizing, consulting and even administrative work. We are planning to have events and workshops in the future e.g. to raise awareness, to help and support members of the LGBTI Community and to work against discrimination, stigmatization and abusement. Furthermore we are open for walk-in-consultations at which people can to talk about their stories, problems, thoughts, ideas and plans. At these consultations we often help interested people to fill our membership forms so that they are able to get actual information about upcoming events and through that our community is constantly growing.