Support Us


Our efforts concerning the awareness raising work as well as the direct support of LGBTI people are causing costs which we can’t cover at the moment. We’re planning to invent income generating projects, but until now we’re dependent from funds.

Therefore, we need your financial support to ensure the connotation of the projects we currently have and also to open us the way for new possibilities and to expand the capacities. We also welcome material donations, as any office stuff like furniture, PCs, printers, paper, pens etc. or the offer of for example printing for free at your shop, an offer for design work free of charge or the possibility to use a room/a hall for LGBTI workshops. We appreciate every donation in every form, because it represents a big step towards achieving our aim. Optional, it’s possible for our funders to get a validation about the grant as well as regular reports about our work.

Engaging in the Foundation

Are you interested in becoming a part of our organization and in supporting our aims? We would love to welcome you in our team!

To become a member, you don’t have to be a direct part of the LGTBI-group, we make no difference between people because of their sexualities.

You can download our membership form here:

Please mail it to or bring the filled version in our office at the department of gender and youth in Maseru. We also have membership forms here to fill.

We are looking forward to meet you.

Master of Healing Foundation – membership