We Are One

LGBTI+ people exist. They are alive and breathing, going through the human experience along with everyone else on the planet. However, unlike everyone else, a sad truth for many LGBTI+ is that despite their existence, they are not recognised. In many countries, including Lesotho, LGBTI+ are not accepted in the eyes of the law, and […]

Human Rights

There are thirty (30) basic human rights; rights that are bestowed on every human being by virtue of birth, to protect and empower people throughout life. The world over, in all our nations, the rights of all citizens, irrespective of any demographic, physical or social differences, should be recognised and upheld. The dire reality is […]

What LGBTI Means

The term LGTBI represents lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual people. It is used to encompass any sexual orientation or gender identities that do not correspond to heterosexual norms. Lesbian: A homosexual woman (is attracted to women) Gay: A homosexual man (is attracted to men) Bisexual: A person who is sexually attracted not exclusively to […]


The first law against same-sex marriage or any relationship between same-sex came during the 4th century and was enforced by the church. During this period, the church was even more powerful than nowadays, people thought that what the priest preaches is the only truth, if you didn’t believed it, they would have assaulted you of […]